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After nearly 2 years away from this, I’m going to be¬†updating more often; covering a wider range of (coffee) topics.¬†

Humming Bird Bakery, London

Service 7/10
Ambience 6/10
Coffee 7/10

Ordered: Chocolate Vanilla cupcake and Double espresso

Humming Bird Bakery is slap bang in the middle of Soho, it’s tucked away next to some pretty incredible cafes.. but this doesn’t seem to phase these guys at all. The coffee is pretty expensive around 2.15 for a double espresso. The cake ain’t cheap either (4.50) a slice.. uff! The service is solid enough, and they certainly know their cakes..

Inside looks abit like a strip club but it sort of suits it.. It’s pretty small and I’m assuming they don’t really cater for people intending to sit in. All this aside it’s definitely worth trying a cake if you’re in the area.

Good for those with heavy wallets.

Kaffeine, London

Service 8/10
Ambience 8/10
Coffee 8/10

Ordered: Tall coffee and banana cake

I first heard about Kaffiene from the ‘London coffee’ app. It was well the 59p (I’d recommend it, if you go there alot) Kaffeine is quite well known in London, it’s won numerous awards and there’s a reason why. It’s got it all, the setting is ideal and offers a perfect mix of swanky yet humble. Decked with black walls and wooden benches, its like walking into an art gallery.
The staff are ‘on it like a bonnet’ and know their stuff. There’s a wide variety of cakes and sandwiches all (I’m assuming) are made onsite.
Though there’s a major factor to Kaffiene’s success and that’s the coffee. It’s great. It’s full, smooth and has no bitter after taste. What is that bean?! Who knows, either way, it’s really quality stuff. If you’re in and around London, this is a must.

Not just for coffee lovers.. this place has it made.

Drip, Manchester

Service 5/10
Ambience 7/10
Coffee 9/10

Ordered: Double espresso and Banana loaf

Another Northern Quarter coffee shop, this place is a whole other ball game. Drip would not be out of place in London’s Fitzrovia. It looks like someone gutted their flat, stole some leather chairs and installed a coffee machine (this is no bad thing) It’s wooden floors and slick black granite bar look great.
It’s only flaw, lies with the service. It’s pretty bad, don’t expect a ‘Hello’… but what it lacks in hospitality, it more than makes up for in taste. The coffee is excellent (good creme head) and the cake (a proper hunk of it too) is immense. It’s home made, good quality fayre and it really is worth trying. I’d say that Drip may be the best coffee shop I’ve tried on the map so far…

Worth it for all occasions.

Hey Little Cupcake, Manchester

Service 7/10
Ambience 7/10
Coffee 6/10

Ordered: Espresso and Various cupcakes

Hey Little Cupcake, lives in Spinningfields. It’s hidden away amongst the high-rises and restaurants but is definitely one not to be missed.
Inside it’s sterile white, apart from the splashes of pink and odd painting (of cupcakes) on the wall. The staff are nice enough and the place looks so polished it feels like your it’s first customer.
It’s all about the cupcakes.. they’re all baked onsite and there’s plenty of variety, so even the pickiest of clientele are catered for. Unlike the other picks on my list, it’s most definitely not a cafe. Taking this into account, its a standard cup of Joe. The coffee is supplied by ‘illy’ so if you aren’t picky, it’s good enough. I went there mainly for the food so really I’m cheating putting it on the map. But ‘Hey - Little cupcakes’ is a place worth visiting.

Good for after meal deserts or sunny weekends.

Hey Little Cupcake, Manchester